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Campbell River CF Project

Contributor Project

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Project Labels

BC Open to Collaboration Label icon. Black tag shape with three white overlapping figures in center made up of hexagons on bottom and circles on top. On left side are three white dots.

Label shared by ONC Test Community

BC Open to Collaboration (BC CB)

This Label is being used to make clear ONC TEST COMMUNITY is open to future engagement, collaboration, and partnership around research and outreach opportunities.

TK Community Voice Label icon. Black tag shape with three different sized human figures in white and dialogue bubbles that overlap.

Label shared by ONC Test Community

TK Community Voice (TK CV)

This Label is being used to encourage the sharing of stories and voices about this material. The Label indicates that existing knowledge or descriptions are incomplete or partial. Any community member is invited and welcome to contribute to our community knowledge about this event, photograph, recording or heritage item. Sharing our voices helps us reclaim our histories and knowledge. This sharing is an internal process.

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