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Southwest Community Archival Collection

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10 Oct 2023

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Corrie Roe | Museum of Science



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Southwest Community Archival Collection. Historic photographs of Southwest families.




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Southwest Community

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BC Clan Label icon. Black tag shape with a circle made of small white dots in center. On left side are three larger white dots.

BC Clan (BC CL)


This Label is being used to indicate that this material is traditionally and usually not publicly available. The Label lets future users know that this data has specific conditions for use and sharing because of clan membership and/or relationships. This Label asks viewers of this data to respect the cultural values and expectations about circulation and use defined by designated clans, members, and their internal relations.


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TK Seasonal Label icon. Black background with simple illustrations of a tree with bare branches and another tree with a circle representing leaves.

TK Seasonal (TK S)


This Label is being used to indicate that this material traditionally and usually is heard and/or utilized at a particular time of year and in response to specific seasonal changes and conditions. For instance, many important ceremonies are held at very specific times of the year. This Label is being used to indicate sophisticated relationships between land and knowledge creation. It is also being used to highlight the relationships between recorded material and the specific contexts where it derives, especially the interconnected and embodied teachings that it conveys.

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